Martina Caltová

Ahoj! I am a Czech language tutor and I enjoy sharing my enthusiasm for languages with my students. I offer individual lessons in a friendly atmosphere focused on practical language and real Czech. I can communicate with students in Czech, English, and Italian. Are you also looking forward to engaging lessons?

About me


I studied Italian and Portuguese at Masaryk University in Brno and started out as an Italian language tutor. However, over time, I started receiving more and more requests for Czech language lessons from Italian students. That really excited me. So, I began complementary studies, which together with practice soon opened the door for me to become a professional Czech language tutor for foreigners. Now I teach students of all nationalities, sometimes using English or Italian as a little help.

Czech for foreigners

No stress!

Two things are essential for me in teaching: the student's progress and a relaxed atmosphere. There is no room for stress in the lessons, so the student is encouraged to communicate from the very beginning.


I enjoy teaching beginners. For levels A1-A2, I use a combination of a suitable textbook and supplementary authentic materials focused on real Czech language. All materials are available for the student on a shared Google Drive.


Students at advanced levels need extra motivation and challenges. I combine input-based lessons, independent student's work, and conversation. Of course, everything will be stored again on Google Drive.


10 X 60 min

6 500 Kč

A package that is convenient if you want to try Czech lessons with me. The package is valid for 15 weeks.

20 x 60 min

5 500 Kč

A package for motivated students who need to work on Czech regularly. The package is valid for 30 weeks.

Conversation - 10 X 30 min

3 200 Kč

A pleasant chat on a pre-agreed topic. The package is valid for 15 weeks.

Questions? Drop me a message.

I will reply withing 24 hours.

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